Sunday, 17 January 2016

Pumpkin vine - video & photos of pumpkin patch

Pumpkin patch is loving this years growing conditions.
We've had a bit of rain and a bit of heat these last few months. Pumpkins, if given the right conditions will grow through the day and the night (unlike other plants that only grow through the day)
This is the ** PUMPKIN PATCH ** video I took 2 days ago which shows how large the patch is, plus I managed to capture some footage of the bees pollinating the flowers. I uploaded the video this morning

This pumpkin patch consists of approx. 10 plants. I start them off from seed in containers and potting mix. I use the best posting mix I can find. The cheap ones just aren't worth the money. They are started in October (Springtime) and then left out on the veranda behind glass until big enough to plant out into the main garden. I live in a cold climate zone so I can't plant them out until mid November otherwise the frost will get them. Pumpkin plants do not like frost and will be killed by it.

This photo shows the bed when its empty and then what it looks like once the pumpkin plants begin to grow. Pumpkins are a very large plant (vine) so plenty of space is needed.

It is possible to purchase smaller varieties, some are called bush pumpkins etc. These ones I grow are called Jarrahdale Pumpkins. I've tried a few different varieties such as Queensland Blue but I don't like them much as they have a rather tough skin so very hard to cut plus they aren't as blue looking as their name might suggest. Plenty of people and shops mistake the Jarrahdale for a Queensland blue because it has a blue looking skin. I like the Jarrahdale, they have a nice flavor, they grow well plus the skin is not too thick so makes cutting them easier. They also grow to a nice size, I've had some that have weighted in at 8 kilos. Plenty of pumpkin soup can be made from one decent sized pumpkin.

Pumpkins take about 14 to 16 week until harvest. They need a fertile bed to grow in so we use plenty of cow manure to provide the nutrients required for steady constant growth.

SEED PLANTING TIMES - Pumpkin seeds can be planted at the following times
* COLD CLIMATE ZONE - from October to December
* TEMPERTATE CLIMATE ZONE - From September To December
* SUB TROPICALCLIMATE ZONE -  From July to February
* TROPICAL - From January to December (All year round)

This photo below is from our 2009 harvest which consisted of 96 pumpkins ... some are jarrahdale, some are jap and some are hybrid


  1. Love your blogs and photos ... so much hard work not to mention the time/efforts in the garden.

    A question if I may - do you self-pollinate or leave it to nature ...

    1. Hi there.
      If there are enough bees around then we leave it to nature however if the weather is too windy, wet & cold for the bees then we will hand pollinate.
      Thank you for you kind words about my blog, I greatly appreciate it :)