Monday, 23 May 2016

Garlic planting time

Hi there you there. its been about 4 months since my last post. I've got some photos to show you of my garden and what we grew this season. As you may or may not know, I grow my veg garden during the warmer months here in Australia, usually from Sept to Feb and then I plant my garlic during the colder winter months. So right now we are in the last days of Autumn and next month we enter Winter were we get heavy frosts and the occasional snow storm ... which is fun because I love snow. The main garden beds are now empty and resting but the garlic beds have just finished being planted for another growing season.

These photos show the range of food that comes from my garden. This year was very good for vegetables but not so much for fruit. The fruit trees were loaded but we got a heap of rain just at the wrong time so it made the apricots and plums split. We need the rain as it had been very dry but not the week before harvest. Anyway that's all part of growing food, there are no guarantees until its actually picked and packed.

I've planted the garlic for this year. I like to grow Elephant garlic (which is a relative of onions, garlic & leeks) and also like to grow "Purple Monaro" garlic (which is a true garlic).

These photos show the Elephant garlic being planted. I lay it out on top so I can work out the spacing and then I just dig a bit of a hole and poke the garlic into it.

This Elephant garlic will take about 9 months to reach maturity. sometimes I do have to harvest it early as we get late rain which can cause it to rot, especially if the rain comes with a cold front, then it can cause white rot to occur.

This is a link to garlic information from the NSW Department of Agriculture. It has useful info regarding the different varieties that can be grown, soil requirements, harvesting etc ,