Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Cold Climate Zone Planting times for Australian Gardens

I've put together information that you may find useful. Knowing what climate zone you live in is important so you can plant the right vegetables (seeds or seedlings) at the right time of year for your area. Some plants love warm temperatures and some plants love cooler temps. Some seeds, like pumpkin seeds, will only germinate when the soil temp reaches a certain temp (I used to know what temp but can't remember now)

I've found a couple of climate zone maps, the first one I copied from my Yates Garden Guide Book (without permission sooo sshhhh)

and the second colour image came from a garden magazine but I can't remember the name of it.
I prefer to use the map from Yates as it shows the cold climate zone more accurately

The following table relates to gardeners who live in a cool/cold climate zone (I will make a table for the other climate zones in next couple of weeks when I get a spare moment). It shows the best times of the year to plant seeds or seedlings.
If you click on the image it will enlarge for a better view

You will have to be very aware of when the frosts occur in your own area. I know from experience that here were I live, I get late frosts right up until 2nd week of November so I am not able to plant any frost tender plants into the garden until after that. I do, however, start all my seedling in Oct (except for onions & carrots which are frost tolerant and can be planted directly into the garden) and keep them on the veranda until the last frost has passed.

I hope you find this information useful

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