Sunday, 9 October 2016

Vegetable Seed Planting Time - The start of another growing season - 2016

Here we go again for another season. This year we have had rain since May, the drought has finally broken. All our water storage tanks are full which is good because previous years we have run out of water half way through and had to truck more in to refill our storage tanks.

I've already planted the onion seeds and they have since been transplanted in to the main vegetable garden

This is a list of the seeds planted on Saturday.
Corn - 109
Beans - 16
Pumpkins - 6
Zucchini - 2
Cucumber - 6
Capsicum - 9
Broccoli - 9
Cabbage - 9
Cauliflower - 9
Tomato - 9
Lettuce - 6.

I start the seeds in dunny rolls using a combination of potting mix & seed raising mix. I fill the dunny rolls with the potting mix first and then top them off with a bit of the seed raising
mix. Give them a good watering and then place them on the veranda near the glass windows so they get the warm and are protected from any late frosts.

I've already planted the onions and hubby planted the potatoes last weekend. I was wanting to plant the carrots this week but will have to wait until the wild weather settles down a bit more. The wind has been too strong and the delicate carrots seeds will just blow away as soon as I attempt to open the packet .. just have to be patient.
I plant the same amount of seeds each year because I know roughly how much that will produce and how much of it I can use and store. It does depend on the growing season of course, too much rain or too much drought can wipe out an entire crop. We have learnt to live with this climate zone so usually end up with about a tonne of produce (including fruit from trees etc)

This is a link to how I plant my carrots seeds HOW TO GROW 80 KILO of CARROTS
and this is a link to how I grow onions

The following photos show our main garden beds and some of the produced over the years.

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