Friday, 28 October 2016

Vegetable Seedlings - corn, beans, cabbage, etc

This is what the seedlings look like as of this morning. They were planted 20 days ago so are growing quite well considering the weather here has been cold and wet. I will leave them here on the veranda for another 12 days and then plant them out into the main garden. All chance of one late last frost should be passed by then.
Starting plants off from seed is easy and can be cheaper than buying established seedlings. I always use a good quality potting and seed raising mix. I fill the dunny rolls with potting mix, put the seed on top and then cover with the seed raising mix. Give them a good drink of water and put them in a warm place to germinate.
A good place is behind glass, so if you have a spare sunny window sill somewhere that faces the sun, then that would be ideal  for example North facing window here in Australia which is in the Southern Hemisphere and I'm guessing a South facing window if living in Northern Hemisphere.
I've put them here on the veranda to protect them from the frost. It is possible to plant seeds directly into the ground but I find it easier to grow them this way into seedlings and then plant out once they are large enough.

Most of the seedlings will end up in the main garden but some of them will be transplanted into larger pots for example I will be putting the zucchini and the cucumbers into really large pots.

I am also growing spinach and I have planted it directly into the pot it will grow in. Here were I live is not really suitable for growing spinach, its either too cold and then its too hot for the spinach to grow successfully out in the main garden so I will keep it here on the veranda where I can control the temperature and water etc. This photo below shows it starting to sprout in the pot. I will spend my time moving the pot around to catch the sun which is a bit of a hassle but I really love spinach (not silverbeet but proper spinach with the tiny delicate leaves)

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