This blog is not intended as a garden guide or how to grow plants as the information and photos are relevant only to the soil & growing conditions in my back yard and may not be suitable for use in any other growing areas of Australia or rest of the world. This blog is neither a reference guide nor a teaching guide and your own discretion is needed in regard to growing vegetables in your own back yard.

The sole purpose of this blog is to show how I grow vegetables in my own backyard & that it is possible to grow a large amount of vegetables using only natural products such as animal manures for fertiliser and predatory insects for pest control.

The techniques used and shown are based on information gathered over a lifetime and are relevant only to my backyard growing conditions (ie weather/soil type/soil structure/ etc).

Animal manures are used extensively in improving the soil and it is recommended that safety precautions such as gloves, dusk masks etc be used when handling ANY organic material and always wash hands after handling soils.

Vegetables grown need to be washed properly before eating and any preserving of fruit & vegetables needs to be done ACCORDING to the manufacturers information regarding bottling. All preserving I do is based on information from the manufacturer of my bottling kit and is not relevant to anyone else’s home bottling.  I bottle only fruit and freeze or store the vegetables. I do not bottle vegetables as the manufacture of my bottling kit does not recommend the bottling of vegetables

 This blog and all of its contents is for your viewing pleasure only
 *please accept my apologies for coming across serious but this needs to be said*  :)

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